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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  September 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> it was, like, unbelievable. it was like a giant inferno and i couldn't believe there were so many flames coming out of there. i've never seen anything like that in my life. >> certainly suspicious. we've been told there was a similar fire somewhere in the neighborhood. >> horrifying, of course, that somebody could be so vicious. there are no words for that. that's -- >> reporter: and back live. you can see investigators are continuing to go through the wreckage at this hour and because of that, this section of glenwood road is still blocked off. neighbors tell me that other suspicious fire happened not too far away from here and right now the fire marshalls say they're going through records to compare. we are live this afternoon, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. a wild scene on long island where a driver led police on a chase for miles that ended with two crashes and a good samaritan injured. it started with a crash on the l.i.e. in hostsville.
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another man was chasing the driver, but got hit by a van. the driver crashed a tractor trailer. news 4's katherine creag has been with us all morning long. >> reporter: shiba, wild is right. one of the thins the suspect is accused of doing, kicking the glass portion of the door right here, also possibly punching part of the door out. you can see all of the damage left behind and detectives were here just a little while ago and a wild morning for so many people. >> greg ross showed us the broken glass and a man who was trying to steal a car from his used auto lot. >> broke in here, there's blood and what not on the walls and he said to the police, as i understand understand, he was looking for keys to steal one of the cars to take off again. >> that man is seen being arrested by suv oak police. jonathan moore of westbury
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sparked a wild chain of events that led to this moment around midnight in hostsville. police say moore got out of his car and started running toward a parking lot and stole a tractor trailer. a good samaritan chased after moore, but was hit by the driver of a van and moore took off in the stolen tractor trailer and drove several miles east and crashed the 18 wheeler into a utility pole. we talked to a young man who took these pictures. >> i was pulling out and this looks like a scene out of "fast and furious" because the door's wide open, the cops just pulled up and it looked like he just ran out of the vehicle to the back of the tractor trailer was wide open, it was jack knifed right on to 112. >> reporter: for many it looked like something out of a y. he broke into the office to find a key to make another getaway. police were hot on his trail and
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they arrested moore at the deli next door. >> everything was shut down. the tractor trailer was across the street against that the telephone pole. >> reporter: and the suspect jonathan moore faces charges of dwi and also leaving the scene of an incident and we're waiting to find out from the district attorney's office if he'll be a rabed later today. as for the pedestrian, that good samaritan, he went to the hospital with a leg injury. reporting live in patchog, news 4, new york. the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease is back again at a housing complex in the bronx. residences in the melrose houses have been notified that the hot water system tested positive for the bacteria. two other buildings tested negative and test results are pending for five others. in particular we're talking about 681 cortland avenue and that's the building that tested positive. each apartment will get a water filter, but until they're all installed the building's hot water has been shut off. residences can use their cold
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water for drinking, cooking and bathing and not clear how long that will last. this is the fourth case of legionnaires' at that complex for the last six months. >> the woman who called 911 claiming to see two men accused of killing a police officer made it all up. overnight that tip sent heavily armed police and u.s. marshalls rushing to a cornfield. a woman told police two men tried to get into her car and then ran into the field. police later said that woman admitted to making up the story to get attention. a massive man hunt for three men has been under way since tuesday when lieutenant joe gliniewicz was murdered. a former staff member who set up millry clinton ry ry ry ry ry ry hillary clinton's email. he's now invoking his fifth amendment right and refusing to answer any questions. a clinton aide says pagliano had been encouraged to be as helpful as possible. clinton herself will testify next month. republican front-runner
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donald trump will meet privately with the head of the gop national committee this afternoon here in manhattan. trump could be asked to sign a pledge agreeing not to run as a third-party candidate if he fails to get the republican nomination, but trump has made several comments suggesting he might consider an independent bid. following the meeting trump has scheduled a 2:00 p.m. press conference. in just three weeks pope francis will arrive in new york city and one stop he'll make is in east harlem. the holy father will meet with immigrants and refugees who are served by local catholic charities. today we spoke to some of those immigrants. >> words can't explain how i feel at the moment. so just imagine when i'm sitting in the room with the pope, it's, like, oh, my god. i'm meeting the pope. i'm just really thankful for everyone and words can't explain my emotion. >> pope francis will meet with students at our lady queen of angels school also in east harlem and we have set up a special section on our website with everything you need to know about the pope's visit.
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head to nbc new >> it's remarkable to see how many people are excited about that visit. >> lucky, lucky few. >> it will be something. coming up on news 4 at noon, the growing migrant crisis in europe, countries overwhelmed as new aim knowledges highlight the desperation of tens of thousands of people trying to flee their homeland. also ahead, steve with the weather. it's another hot one today. it will be another 90-degree day and that's five in a row, but do we cool it down for the holiday weekend? we'll talk about it coming up.
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we are back with a growing crisis overseas. new heartbreaking images of migrants trying to escape their war-torn homelands to get to
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europe and there is one photo in particular this noon that is bringing the issue to the forefront. kerry barrett is here now with a story that is truly tragic. >> we do want to warn you we're going to show you that picture that a lot of people find disturbing. it is heartbreaking to look at, but it is the image that is finally getting people's arc attention of the migrant crisis happening across europe. the biggest mass migration since world war ii. >> the image of a 3-year-old boy, his body washed up on a beach. his little boy shoes and his tiny face pressed into the sand. aylan kurdi and his brother and mother, and only his father abdullah survived. their flimsy bt couldn't make it and like thousands of others they died trying. >> this has been a complete failure of canadian policy. i hope the government changes their tactic and if this event doesn't get them to change their mind, my god, i don't know what does.
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>> desperately trying to leave war and destitution there are tens of thousands each week trying to make this perilous journey, families, mothers, babies suffocate in box trucks or collapse after days of walking. >> day walking, children, cold. >> but europe is struggling to cope, to provide food, water, shelter. authorities say they're overwhelmed and in hungary, thousands of refugees are stranded in train stations. >> police stop them from leaving sending them to camps instead and putting up razor wire fences and many others holding on to the tops of trucks or hopping trains all for the chance of a better life in europe. >> his father abdullah released a statement saying what happened on the boat. the captain panicked left abdullah in charge. he goes on to say i took over and started steering. the waves were so high and the boat flipped. i took my wife and my kids in my arms and i realized they were also dead.
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at this point all he wants to do is return home and bury his family, but it is an utterly heartbreaking story that so many of us here in the united states just haven't -- haven't put to the focus. >> all right. kerry, thank you. >> there really are no words when you see a picture like that. thanks, kerry. in today's money report, the markets are staying in positive territory. >> sue herrera joins us with more. >> hi. >> hi, guys. thank you very much. that's such a tragic story and we've been covering it here at cnbc, as well, but switching to the markets right now. china is closed and starting to breathe a sigh of relief. the dow is up triple digits. the european markets were also higher as well and right now we're up about 124 points on the dow jones industrial average. part of the reason is that we got some good manufacturing data, meaning that our economy in the u.s. is chugging right along. a key manufacturing index came in at a heading of 59 and near a
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10-year high and treasury secretary jack lew is on cnbc saying he's watching the volatility in the stock market and he does not see it as a danger to the u.s. economy. he says it's simply a reaction to the slowdown in china and that the u.s. economy is doing well and that it is insulated from the troubles in the chinese economy and as a result of that he feels as though the market volatility will kind of smooth out as the market adjusts to the fact that china is simply slowing down. they may come in at a growth rate of 6% to 7% which is still pretty darn good. mexican game developers are hitt g back at donald trump after the candidate's comments on illegal immigrants. they've come up with a new video game that allows users to throw soccer balls, cactus leaves and tequila bottles at mr. trump. it's called trumpilo and it is selling like hot cakes. [ laughter ] >> no word on whether you can get it here in the u.s., but the game developers that made that
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game up are now millionaires. >> well, there you go. >> okay. >> look at that. we do have the 2:00 press conference from mr. trump later on. maybe we'll get a chance to ask him about it. >> there's capitalism for you. >> all right, sue. >> entrepreneurship. >> thank you. >> right? >> we try to run it. i cannot believe the people i see running around the town when the weather is like this and the air quality. >> once again, we do have that air quali alert in effect and when it'shis t hot you have to exercise either early in the morning or in the evening because during the heat of the day it is just so, so uncomfortable outside. today is day five of this heat wave and we will be back in the low 90s and feeling more like the mid-90s when you factor in the relief, but relief is finally on the way and 88 degrees in midtown under sunny skies and once again, an air quality alert and this time it's for most of new jersey and it
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runs through 11:00 p.m. and you'll want to take it easy during the height of this afternoon. otherwise, we're 88 and 89 at jfk and 86 over into nassau county and morristown, 87 is the current reading in bridgewater and right now feeling like 90 in morristown and feeling like 90 on the island and lots of sunshine for today as high pressure continues to hang on, and notice just to the north, right here, there is a cool front and as the day goes on, the front will drop down into the region and late this afternoon and into the evening hours and it is a scattered shower or a thunderstorm and definitely not a washup, but if you could see a thunderstorm it could produce locally heavy rain and more importantly, behind the front we start to cool it down and the humidity drop, as well and as we head into the labor day holiday weekend it looks absolutely fantastic. i think saturday is the nicest day because temperatures will be right around average and the humidity is so low so it's so comfortable, but that changes as we head toward sunday and the
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southerly winds kick in and we start to warm it up and we're back into the upper 80s and by monday, labor day, 90 degrees and the humidity makes a comeback and this could be the first day of yet another heat wave as we head into next week, but here's future tracker and you can see lots of sunshine early this afternoon and as we head into the late afternoon hours and into the evening hours and a couple of showers and thunderstorms pop up generally west and north of the city and tonight we're partly to mostly cloudy and as we head into friday the winds go northeasterly and we'll start off with clouds in the morning and a few showers here or there and during the afternoon hours we're partly sunny and maybe a couple of showers around, but most of us are dry, but with the northwest wind flow temperatures tomorrow are in the low 80s. today it's hot, 92 degrees and last day of this heat wave tonight and we're at 75 so it will be another warm night and here is the extended forecast and temperatures coming down so comfortable. by saturday we're to 82 degrees
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and we start warming it up monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week back to the 90s and enjoy the cooldown. back to you. >> "new york live" is up next at 12:30. >> a lucille ball biopic is on the way. can you guess which oscar winner will be playing the i love lucy star? we've got the answer. before you head to the u.s. open, we have the stadium's must-try foods and plus, puppies are here and they are the cutest ones i have seen yet. >> i saw some. >> cutest than all of the others, huh, sarah? >> i'm in love again. why are you doing this to me? they're so cute. >> we look forward to the show. thanks, sarah. >> we'll be right back. >> a quick programming note, don't forget the giants wrap up the preseason with the patriots tonight and you can watch it on nbc 4 starting at 7:30 and nbc's prime time lineup will air on cozi tv and the cable channels listed on your screen.
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new at noon, the owner of triple crown winner american pharoah says the colt will run once more before retiring at the end of this year. ahmed zayat says the champ deserves another chance. he planned to retire american pharoah after a second-place finish at the travers stakes on saturday, but he now plans for the last race to be the breeders cup classic on october 31st. the news conference about tourism turned into a one-whale show, when juno, the beluga whale wanted to see what the fuss was about. you can see juno there pushing his nose up against the glass to look thea the cameras. juno has gone viral before, video of him enjoying a mariachi band went viral. >> choreographed just right.
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we are coming right back.
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new at noon, more twists and
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turns are headed to six flags great at venture in new jersey. the theme park announced it's adding a new ride that will surely have you shaking in your boots. >> it would have me shaking in my boots if i would go on it. total mayhem would lift riders up a 12-story, 90-degree hill and flips riders head over heels at least six times. yeah, six times providing a feeling of weightlessness. total mayhem is expected to open next spring. my daughter would love it. >> all right. there you go. we'll have more for you tonight on news 4 new york at 5:00. of course, the latest involve the new england quarterback tom brady and deflategate and a federal judge tossed his four-dame suspension after settlement talks and the players union failed. >> we just heard from the nfl that they do plan to appeal that decision. >> not over yet. >> yeah. for breaking news, weather updates any time anywhere log on to nbc new >> new york live is up next. have a spectacular day.
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welcome to "new york live" thanks for tuning in on this hot and steamy thursday on a hot day. >> are you having a good day so far? >> so hot. we have got a terrific show for you on the way. coming up, looking to take in some tennis and maybe an amazing meal, too? we'll show you where you need to eat when visiting the u.s. open going on right now. yes, and it may look a little strange and we'll show you why the multimasking trend is sweeping the beauty world and why it's so good for your skin. this is a great idea. i like this idea. >> plus what's to come on the next few episodes of "graceland" this season and what's the key to the perfect danny zuko. hi, aaron. >> hey, i was hoping he would
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come on and sing some grease songs. he has so in utsch to much to talk about. >> we'll try not to sing grease songs today, for you. but first, richard, our floor director is, like, thank god. if you're a fan of viral pics and uncanny celebrity. >> from a long-awaited lucille ball, and a questionable meryl streep impression. >> we all love lucy, but will we love cate blanchett playing lucy? well, we're about to find out as the actress has been tapped to play the iconic comedian in a movie about her legendary life. >> the script which will tell the story of ball's 20-year marriage to "i love lucy" co-star desi arnaz and it is produced by the star's two children, losy and d e
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lucy and desi jr. she won for her portrayal. and the tony winning play "all the way." the story depicts lbj from the day he took office after kennedy's assassination and the movie is set to hit screens in 2016. something you don't have to wait that long to see, dolly parton's coat of many colors. the nbc production which is based on the lyrics to parton's 1971 single hits screens this december. >> and while it's not an official biopic, parton says the song is almost like her love story and jennifer nettles will
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play the role of parton's mother


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